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Age in place by the numbers

According to the United States of Aging Survey conducted by the National Council on Aging and United Healthcare, older Americans are striving to age in place, despite physical and economic difficulties in some cases.

Nine in 10 seniors intend to continue living in their current homes over the next five to 10 years.

Leading reasons for wanting to stay in their current homes include:

  • liking where they currently live (85 percent),
  • having family and friends nearby (66 percent)
  • not wanting to deal with the hassle of moving (50 percent).

Finances also play a role in this decision:

  • 26 percent of seniors planning to age in place say they cannot afford the cost of moving their belongings,
  • more than one in five (23 percent) believe their home would not sell in the current market.

The vast majority of all age groups report high levels of confidence that they will be able to stay in their homes without having to make any significant home modifications:

  • 85 percent of respondents aged 60 to 64,
  • 82 percent of respondents aged 65 to 69,
  • 86 percent of respondents aged 70 or older.

Nearly one in five baby boomers aged 60 to 64 (18 percent) believe the housing options available to them are unaffordable.


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