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Dementia and Wandering – Help for Families of Aging Adults

Wandering, sometimes referred to as “elopement” is a very real concern to families of loved ones living with dementia. Spouses, partners, adult children often are committed to keeping their family member at home for as long as possible. As dementia progresses reality is distorted and “home” may have a different definition for the person with dementia.

A state of the art GPS tracker wrist band is a solution for caregivers and their loved ones. ILOC Technologies offers a wrist “watch” that incorporates the latest in GPS, 3G cellular network and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technologies to accurately communicate the wearer’s location to your computer, cellular or smart phone. The TRILOC (TM) is reliable and easy to use.  The wrist band features a face that switches from time of day to current day and date. The GPS locator/tracker is available through the Alzheimer’s Store. It retails at $284.99 plus $29.99/month for cellular service.


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