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    Preferred Living Solutions can be your health power of attorney, durable power of attorney, estate executor, household bill management and more…



Professional fiduciary service offerings to better assist our clients.

A professional fiduciary gives peace of mind to someone who:

  • may be single, widowed, or divorced
  • is childless
  • is estranged from children
  • has family members that live far away or are fully committed to their own professional and personal responsibilities
  • worries about the potential for conflict among relatives if one is named and others are not

A bill pay manager offers support to someone who:

A fiduciary is an individual or company that assumes responsibility for a position of trust and serves by agreement. 


  • Attorney-in-fact (healthcare or financial power of attorney): 
  • Executor: 
  • Administrator
  • Personal representative
  • Trusteefiduciary example is power of attorney