Preferred Living Solutions helps seniors and people with disabilities manage their current situation, plan for future needs and assist in making adjustments as needs evolve. more…


    Preferred Living Solutions’ aging life care managers work closely with individuals and families to develop, implement and monitor personalized plans and solutions for health, home, transportation, and other life transitions.



Independently establishing and maintaining the life you want to live can be challenging when faced with a disability. Adapting to changing needs can be a frustrating process, not to mention how tangled the web of public and private services can be.

Preferred Living Solutions is uniquely qualified to help you live a full, productive and meaningful  life. Employment, social, medical and mobility issues are just a few areas of your life Preferred Living Solutions’ caring staff are prepared to help you coordinate. They have the experience and resources to coordinate supportive services and living solutions to fit your needs and help you reach your personal goals.

Our professional care managers can often help parents who are concerned about a young adult or middle-aged adult child with disabilities.



Preferred Living Solutions offers flexible services to help you and your loved ones manage the present and plan for future needs so that you can live the life you want. Our services include:

  • Information about & referrals to appropriate community resources and agencies
  • Comprehensive personal assessments & individualized care plans to achieve your goals
  • Advocacy services to ensure an individual has fair and appropriate access to resources
  • Mediation & crisis intervention services
  • Screening, coordinating and monitoring of in–home & healthcare services

Whether your situation requires working with our Care Managers on a full scale individualized care plan or only requires help on a one–time or as needed basis, Preferred Living Solutions can locate, arrange and manage a full spectrum of services you may need and/or want in your life. Some of the categories include but are not limited to:

  • Recreation: social activities – leisure hobbies – education – wellness – adapting to the community – volunteer opportunities
  • Education: training programs – career skills development – preparing for college – employment preparation
  • In–Home Assistance: cleaning – moving – running errands – caring for pets – home repair – healthcare – personal care – companion services
  • Transportation: private and public transportation options tailored to fit specific needs and lifestyles and schedules
  • Finances: employment opportunities – bill paying – organizing home files – managing insurance forms and claims – tax preparation – financial planning
  • Housing: finding an appropriate – accessible and affordable residence – modifying current homes – relocating to a new area – setting up home for the first time
  • Nutrition: food preparation – meal delivery – dietician consultations – education about personal nutritional needs
  • Medical: coordination with physicians and other healthcare providers – arrange access to medical equipment and supplies – pick–up and delivery of medications – in–home health services referral
  • Insurance and Government Programs: accessing resources available through Medicare – Medicaid – supplemental health insurance – long–term health insurance or VA benefits

Contact Preferred Living Solutions to schedule a meeting with one of our Care Managers to discuss your concerns, your needs and the goals you hope to achieve. Together, we will explore your options and design personal solutions to meet your desired outcomes.