Preferred Living Solutions helps seniors and people with disabilities manage their current situation, plan for future needs and assist in making adjustments as needs evolve. more…


    Preferred Living Solutions’ aging life care managers work closely with individuals and families to develop, implement and monitor personalized plans and solutions for health, home, transportation, and other life transitions.



Fran, Rolesville, NC

Thank you for your loving and compassionate care. My family cannot thank you enough for your help in Dad’s time of need. You pulled him through in a way that we could not.

T. Michelle, Raleigh, NC

I highly recommend Preferred Living Solutions! They helped me with my loved one at a time when I felt I had no answers. All the staff are very knowledgeable and presented several options for care. They showed compassion to me and my family during a difficult time. I appreciate them so much!

Jennifer, Raleigh, NC

Preferred Living Solutions has been a wonderful service for my family. Both my parents have dementia and were in facility care until recently. My caregiver has gotten to know my parents and become family over the past several years. They are so helpful and a great resource to me in all the things that I need to do (financial, legal, health, etc) in order to give my parents the best possible care. If they don’t know the answer, they know someone who does. They are so very compassionate with my parents and understand how to deal with dementia patients in a caring manner. I highly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing elder parent care !

Cyndy, of Wake Forest, NC

The staff at Preferred Living Solutions has helped me through the years. I am the only local daughter to care for my 86 year old mother and my 91 year old father, now in memory care. The staff works from their heart, treating my parents as if they were their own. They are help in time of overwhelm, backup needs and decision making. I recommend them on a regular basis to other caregivers in need.

Dorothy, Raleigh, NC

“Thank you for the excellent service and tremendous work on my family’s behalf in Spring 2016. As a caregiver there are many aspects and complexities to negotiate in establishing health care services for a loved one who is no longer able to care for themselves. The depth of knowledge and experience Vivian and the Preferred Living Solutions team has regarding geriatric needs for seniors was evident in how they proactively managed and worked with key organizations and agencies in moving the ball forward to get my father relocated safely and on schedule despite setbacks and challenges outside of their control.”

Jane, Raleigh, NC

“Preferred Living Solutions care managers are such a valuable resource as we struggle to give the best care possible to our family. You certainly guided me through a very stressful, emotional, trying time. You made some very difficult decisions easy. Words cannot express how very grateful I am!”

Bill of Raleigh, NC

You have made it so much easier for me in not worrying so much about getting the documentation needed for Medicaid and ensuring that we had all the paperwork turned in. I know I thank you and so does my son.

Meg of Raleigh, N.C.

Preferred Living Solutions assisted me in navigating the senior community choices in North Carolina. Their knowledge is extensive and the information provided to me was detailed and accurate. Working with them has made the initial decision making process about my families’ needs smoother and easier than anticipated.

Ellen of Durham, N.C.

“I guess my initial hesitation for working with Preferred Living Solutions was that I had done so much already on my own , did I really need you?  But what I found out was from the first conversation you knew things that I didn’t.  I can tell you what you said but it was the type of questions you asked me about my parents made me feel confident that working with you would help me.  Also, the fact that you didn’t request a huge sum of money up front was comforting. You were my witness in situations where I could only listen and you were able to give me feedback to help make better informed decisions.” — Ellen of Durham, N.C.

Bobbie of Wake Forest, N.C.

“After total knee replacement surgery, I recovered and rehabilitated in the comfort of my own home, thanks to Preferred Living Solutions. Upon discharge from the hospital, I had planned to recover at an in-patient rehab facility. When that didn’t work out I needed to quickly arrange for transportation, medical equipment and in-home services. One call to Preferred Living Solutions and it was all handled for me—quickly and efficiently! Their care and compassion were so appreciated. I felt like they were part of my family. They handled every detail, allowing me to focus on healing.” — Bobbie of Wake Forest, N.C.

Sandy of Raleigh, N.C.

“The staff of Preferred Living Solutions for Seniors have been extremely helpful in their efforts to facilitate our staying in our home. Besides finding resources for our immediate concerns they have made us aware of areas that we had not realized were of vital importance–financial, health, safety and legal issues that we might have otherwise thought we had taken care of. Their caring and considerate handling of these matters has been so reassuring to us we feel very fortunate that we may call upon them for any further assistance we may need.” — Sandy of Raleigh, N.C.

Dorie of Rolesville, N.C.

“After my mom had a medical crisis, we didn’t know how or if my mom would be able to live in her home. Preferred Living Solutions was able to put resources in place to make it all possible. They went above and beyond, much more than I could imagine one company doing.” — Dorie of Rolesville, N.C.

Sandi of Wake Forest, N.C.

“Preferred Living Solutions handled every aspect of my relocation from Florida to North Carolina for me. I was worried about finding a place I could afford, setting up utilities and finding employment opportunities from such a long distance. Thank goodness I found Preferred Living Solutions. They even had a job interview lined up for me before the moving van was packed, and I’m happy to say I got the job! Even since I’ve settled into my new home, Preferred Living Solutions has been there for everything I’ve needed.” — Sandi of Wake Forest, N.C.

Carolyn of Cary, N.C.

“I wanted to downsize and move to an apartment convenient to my family, within my price range and in an area I liked. But, I needed help; entering into this new era of my life, I quickly realized how much things have changed and needed advice. Preferred Living Solutions relieved a lot of my pressure by finding the perfect home for me and always being available for support. I wish more seniors knew about Preferred Living Solutions—I felt at ease with them the first time we met and left knowing they cared about helping me. In fact, they’ve already begun helping me meet my next goal: finding a part–time job I can do and enjoy!” — Carolyn of Cary, N.C.