Get Organized: 5 things to look for during spring cleaning

When I think of spring, I think of spring cleaning. I clean out the closets. I clean out the pantry. I clean out filing cabinets…after taxes. Do I have a place to put everything? Clothes are donated or passed down. Old food is thrown out. Papers from filing cabinets? Until The Living Prepared Workbook: My Need To Know Information©, I tried filing them. My filing system always had flaws though. Let’s see how well your filing system stacks up!

5 Things You Should Find During Your Spring Cleaning

  1. Refrigerator Warranty
  2. Online Banking Passwords
  3. Power of Attorney
  4. Will
  5. Emergency Contact Information

Spring is here! New life! New beginnings! My new blog!

Why should you find these 5 things? I did suggest these five things randomly. You must start somewhere in your organization though. Refrigerator Warranty, because when it breaks you will not have to search everywhere while your food gets hotter and hotter. Online Banking Passwords, because if you’re like me those Q&A prompts don’t help you at all. Who remembers what they would list as there favorite holiday? Power of Attorney and Will, because you should know where they are, and if you don’t you should get them. Don’t wait! Emergency Contact Information, because everyone needs someone…sometime. It’s important for someone you trust to be listed in case of an emergency. And that person should know you are listing them as your emergency contact person.

Being organized will elevate stress. Your life will run smoother. And the best place to put these things is in The Living Prepared Workbook: My Need To Know Information©. A wonderful resource offered by Preferred Living Solutions.


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