Mother’s Day memories

Mother’s Day is a day to honor and to remember. No matter how old you are take the time to remember your mom. If your mom has passed away, take a moment to remember what you learned from her during whatever time you had together. And we all learned something from our mothers, good or bad. If your mom is still alive, take a moment to reflect also.

Only a mother will answer a ringing toy phone every time a toddler hands it her. Only a mother will repeat herself every time an elementary school child says, “Huh?” Only a mother will wait up for a teenager and act asleep when you come home at night. Only a mother will hold back “helpful” suggestions when you’re an adult in order to allow you to grow and learn. Moms are not perfect. Moms do the best they can with what resources they have in their own lives.

Take Time to Remember Your Mom

If you are a caregiver for your aging mom, remember you are not alone either. You can only do the best you can with the resources you have in your life. Preferred Living Solutions will connect you with resources, organize those services and stay with you in caring for an aging loved one.

Moms get smarter everyday through resources! Learning never ends. Mine used to say, “I can’t wait to grow up and be as smart as you are!” Well, I’m grown up. Not sure how smart I am, but I continue to learn. That’s all we can do!!!

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