Helping Our Clients

Mrs. Y was overwhelmed with paperwork. She attended doctor’s appointments alone and often could not recall everything that she and her doctor discussed. She wished she had a knowledgeable person to to partner with her. Preferred Living Solutions joined Mrs. Y’s team and now paperwork, mail, bills, etc. have been organized into a system that works for “Y”. Now everything has a place.

The Top 3 Things We Did For Client “Y”

  • Organize paperwork
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Peace of mind with a partner

These appointments are being jointly attended by Preferred Living Solutions and “Y”. Notes are taken, changes in medication are written down and follow up appointments are scheduled. Reminder calls about upcoming appointments are made. An additional service being provided is phone calls four times a day to make sure glucose levels are being checked and recorded. As Mrs. Y’s care partner, we are her second set of eyes and ears. Also, most people want someone to bounce ideas off. Simple decisions, “Do these new lamps look good in the living room?” Or more life impacting decisions, “Who should be my Power of Attorney?” It is helpful to have a person to talk over these decisions. These are just a few things we are able to do for clients. If it relieves the client or a caregiver, we are able to assist.

Preferred Living Solutions, personalized & affordable care management, serves Wake and all of the surrounding counties in North Carolina. We help families dealing with various issues related to seniors and people living with a disability. We would be happy to discuss any concerns you may have related to their care.

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