Drop Dead Book-Press Release

Drop Dead Book Helps Organize Important Documents in One Easy-to-Access Location

(Press release copy from June 12, 2012) – A new book created by the owner of a Wake Forest care management company helps people organize their most important documents and personal information in a single location that can be quickly and easily accessed. The Drop Dead Book: My Need to Know Information© was created by Preferred Living Solutions (PLS) to help individuals, couples, families, people who live alone and seniors manage essential documents and life details.

An organizational binder that includes forms and questionnaires to be completed, the book is divided into well-defined sections to record and store important information. The easy-to-grab and use binder captures necessary details, documents, data, schedules, directions and desires in one place.

Melanie Mattingly, founder/owner of a Triangle-based care management company, created The Drop Dead Book© after family members and clients needed to organize, record and store important information and documents in one easy-to-access location.

Melanie Mattingly, a Wake Forest native who founded Preferred Living Solutions in 2008, created The Drop Dead Book from her own experience of trying to find important, need-to-know information for her family members as well as clients.

“Most of us aren’t prepared for situations that call for rarely accessed documents like health records, birth certificates, old tax returns or business licenses. We rummage through old file folders and shoeboxes to locate important information that’s needed quickly,” Mattingly explains.

“In helping people apply for benefits, convey information to healthcare professionals and reboot computers, we too, have had difficulty locating the details needed to handle these tasks. The Drop Dead Book will now change that because when used as an organizational tool it allows people to live prepared,” she adds.

The book got its name from one of Mattingly’s clients whose husband had recently passed away. In the midst of her grief, she was overwhelmed in searching for all the information necessary to handle funeral arrangements, pay bills and continue to manage their household. “I want all of my information in one place in case I drop dead,” she told Mattingly.

Business owner and mom Carina Ververka finds The Drop Dead Book to be the perfect organizational tool for her busy life. “It’s a way to keep everything that’s important to our family and business in one place,” said Ververka, who along with her husband Richie, owns Kona Ice of Raleigh.

“Now that we have the book, if something unexpected happened to me, my husband would know exactly where to look for passwords, policies or other important documents necessary to keep our home and company running smoothly,” she explained.

Call us at 919-554-0675 to order a copy. A package which includes the book and eight hours of consultation on how to collect, complete and organize need-to-know information is also available.


About Preferred Living Solutions

Melanie Mattingly founded Preferred Living Solutions (PLS), a care management company headquarted in Wake Forest, NC, in 2008. PLS works closely with individuals and families to develop, implement and monitor personalized care plans that respect preferences and secure the greatest quality of life possible for seniors and people with disabilities.