Summer Activity Suggestions for Seniors

Summer activities are fun for children and older adults too. Whether seniors are living independently or living with assistance, having fun should be on the agenda. Independent seniors may enjoy church activities, eating meals with others, or maintaining any interest they have pursued their entire lives. Others around them need to encourage them to stay active. Staying active socially and physically, allows people to live longer, more fulfilled lives.

  1. Going for a swim in your community pool or at a local recreation center
  2. Walking is a great activity that does not cost a dime
  3. Volunteering at a place that they have always been interested in
  4. Gardening and planting flowers
  5. Group activities such as book clubs, bus trips, etc.

Summer is a great time to be active!

Seniors living with assistance may have more obstacles to overcome to stay active and have fun. Preferred Living Solutions, as care managers, has several clients we visit on a regular basis. Families are realizing how important regular visits, outside of doctor’s appointments, etc., are to enhancing and sustaining happiness for their loved ones.


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