Solutions for Your Health, Safety, Social Needs, and Well-Being

Preferred Living Solutions is a service for seniors and the disabled when they need patient advocacy; in finding a Raleigh assisted living program that provides personal care in their homes as well as finding someone to prepare meals, do housekeeping, do lawn care, and home repairs; helping them apply for insurance and social programs; helping them make medical appointments and find transportation; helping them find employment; and more.

An effective professional care manager considers the needs and the preferences of these individuals and their families and helps them navigate through the pool of available resources for solutions. A professional care manager (PCM) doesn’t just find a list of resources and hand it to the client. Instead, a PCM acts like a manager and takes an active role in guiding the client and stepping forward on their behalf, making phone calls, contacting resources, researching, gathering information, and coordinating and arranging for services the client needs, much like a family member would do. Clients may have limited ability to handle things themselves due to health issues or no family support, and may feel physically or emotionally drained as well as confused and overwhelmed at where to start to look for help with an issue. That’s where the PCM steps in and takes the burden of worry off the client’s shoulders.

Some of the solutions that PCM has coordinated for other clients include resolving an insurance billing error with a skilled nursing facility that saved the client over $4,000; finding interview opportunities for a client with Down’s Syndrome, which led to a job; and in arranging for a daughter in another state to receive guardianship of her mother; arranging for Raleigh assisted living services; and identifying medical needs, finding providers who accept the client’s insurance, finding transportation to the doctor, and accompanying the client to the doctor’s office.

A PCM is not the same thing as a personal care attendant who takes a hands-on role in handling a client’s activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, grooming, meal preparation, house cleaning). However, a PCM will help a client find a reputable and affordable home care attendant or Raleigh assisted living care if that’s what the client needs help them make all the arrangements. The staff at PCM is familiar with local resources, and can end up saving a client money and wasted time in accessing the right services for their needs.