Find an Assisted Living Provider That Matches Your Parent’s Lifestyle

Having to place your mother or father in an assisted-living facility can be an extremely tough decision to have to make.  You love your parents and you want to make certain that they are being well taken care of. Care providers are of many varieties; luckily, there are a few simple ways to identify that you’re using the best provider.

Check the assisted living facility’s cleanliness. Inspect the facility on the weekend, in the evening, first thing in the morning. Review public records regarding health and safety regulations.

Pay close attention to the type and frequency of activities for recreation and socialization.  A lot of these facilities will have gardening centers where residents can spend their time taking care of plants and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment from practicing their hobby.  Often care centers offer yoga, tai-chi or other light athletic activities that will ensure that your parents are getting proper exercise, as well as enjoying themselves.

Try to find a facility that offers activities that are related to the hobbies of your parents.Many people who are going into assisted living centers are still very independent and like to have the ability to live without unnecessary assistance. Evaluate your parent’s abilities and what activities they are able to safely do on their own. Allowing one to have a sense of independence can go a very long way, especially if they still have partial mobility. Make some phone calls and ask about the different levels of care that are provided in different parent care facilities in order to get an idea for the type of treatment they provide.

Take your time to do some homework in researching various different establishments. Once you’ve found one that you feel comfortable with, take a visit to the parent care center with your loved one and make a mutual evaluation to determine if that is the proper establishment for your parent. It’s important to keep in mind that the number one concern should be that your loved one is comfortable and feels safe.