Assisted Living: is it the right choice?

Thinking about assisted living is fearsome, nobody can deny that. The experiences and lessons learnt throughout one’s life don’t even begin to prepare you for the moment when it’s time to change your life once more. You might refuse to talk about it, even ignore it, but keeping postponing the inevitable can only make the time of decision more stressful.

Things have changed from 40 years ago. Retirement and living options for people over 65 today abound and are highly tailored to one’s needs, budget, values and likes. Our misrepresented idea of nursing homes as places of loneliness and neglect exactly springs from what things used to be 50 or so years ago. Things have changed you see.

One option of living is assisted living. It provides the necessary independence but also gives you the essential support you also need. Unlike other living options, assisted living communities by definition “assist” or promote rather than strangle your need for dignified, independent living.

Aging, unlike popular belief, is a time of creative living. Aging might have a thousand and one disadvantages, but overlooking the perks is to miss the bigger picture.

At this point in your life you’re at a crucial standing. You can look back and recollect, admire your life achievements and perhaps feel reminiscent a bit. But it is also a time for looking ahead, a starting point for a different but equally dignified way of living. Cliche as it might sound, choosing assisted living has more potential than it has downsides. Assisted living will be the context that will provide security, comfort and health, while you’re focused on whichever new goals you set. The philosophy of assisted living is not robbing you off of your independence, but providing you the necessary helping hand when and if needed.

The philosophy of assisted living doesn’t bear the unfortunate stigma nursing homes do. It’s a greatly independent living concept which facilitates rather than impedes your habits, routines and everyday likes. It’s a way of living that encourages action.

Yes, it’s never easy to let go of the familiar and comforting home you’ve been living in, but making promptly the decision to request assisted living, can only be the onset of greater things.

If you or a relative of yours occasionally or daily confront(s) the following issues, considering the assisted living solution might be due.

  • Everyday routines become increasingly hard to manage (laundry, cleaning, cooking)
  • Forgetfulness resulting in unpaid, twice paid bills, embarrassing situation or even dangerous ones (stale food, keeping the lights on, electricity safety concerns)
  • Unsure about driving performance and ability
  • Fear of home accidents, (bath slipping, burning, poisoning)
  • Missing on your responsibilities and other social duties
  • Item misplacing. Improper, unsafe taking of your medication
  • Imbalance or dizziness becoming more frequent
  • Feel your independence skills abandoning you

These issues don’t mean you need to be in a nursing home, assisted living can help you  tackle these daily routines, sparing you the frustration of having to deal with them all by yourself.

Safety and health are irreplaceable values in life and exchanging them for an overrated living-in-my-place need is not recommended. Reach out, inform yourself about your options and get to live independently and safely.