Senior Living Services

Life transitions are an inevitable part of everyone’s life. We are aware of the fact that having someone listen to your concerns and actively respond to your queries is of great importance in senior living and care.

Preferred Living Solutions care managers aim to provide you with the ideal context, a discreet framework that ensures quality, dignified living and services that respond to your needs for leading a happy and independent life.

The Importance of a Personalized Approach

From our experience, what people seem thirsty for is being treated with due respect for their needs and unique concerns and preferences. We believe that having a personalized approach to each and every individual is of utmost importance.

It is no coincidence that those who fear or are biased about assisted living or senior living communities are often the ones who haven’t had their requirements met, or have been treated with disrespect to their personal preferences.

Preferred Living Solutions aims at making you feel happy and safe. We achieve this by offering custom-made, personalized services. When it comes to senior living solutions we have four principles that inform our practices;

We don’t hear, we listen to your needs

We strive for balance between what our expert knowledge tells us you need and what you would like to have.
We have respect for individuality, the need for independence and having access to important to you things, people and amenities.
Individual preferences are not sacrificed but rather highlighted and endorsed

At this transitioning stage in your life, we know that things can be frustrating, no one likes to be ignored, or have their needs disregarded. We aim at providing quality services that will facilitate daily activities and contribute in you living the life you wished to.

Our personalized approach offering flexible and customizable services and care prioritizes your needs over our comfort. Your needs and individual preferences are always in a conspicuous place, attending to them first before anything else.

Freedom, Quality Living, Happiness

Preferred Living Solutions through its strategy to offer you a personalized care services experience, aspired to provide you with three valuable and highly sought after living aspects

  • Freedom
  • Quality Living
  • Happiness

Freedom. By respecting your individual preferences and personal concerns we respect your need for freedom; to continue living the way you used to, to feel safe and comfortable despite this transition to a senior facility or home care service provision.

Quality Living. With our professional know-how on the best practices necessary and your personal needs as our guiding line, we strive to provide quality living conditions that not only facilitate your day to day life, but make each day uniquely personal and you-centered.

Happiness. This is achieved mainly because the other two have been accomplished. You’re happy because your concerns are voiced and listened to, you’re happy because you live in a dignified, safe and independent context, which promotes rather than strangles your individuality.

We respect individual preferences like no one else does. Although we have a standardized method for service providing, this method is extensively customizable in order to prioritize your preferences and optimize your living conditions to the best of our capacity.