Adult children, parents and dementia: when a fib is okay

Adult children sometimes struggle with maintaining complete honesty when their aging parent has dementia. Is an occasional fib a kinder, gentler approach to caregiving when telling the truth is sure to start an argument? For example, when your parent refuses to stop driving, is it okay to say that the car is in the shop? When you or the doctor recognizes that your loved one is no longer safe to drive, yes, it is okay to deflect an escalating situation with a “fiblet”.

What about a situation when your loved one attends an adult day program so that you continue to work or for a respite period? It is okay to say that the program needs good volunteers and that they are a worker, not a participant? Yes, this is okay too. For someone living with dementia that person still wants to have a meaningful life, to feel helpful and useful. No need to feel guilty.

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