Monthly Archives: March 2016

Aging well and being active

Aging well is as easy as finding everyday activities that bring joy and purpose. Certified care manager Vivian McLaurin shares her perspective on the 55+ active life. “I think of aging as life’s next adventure. I accept getting older but I reject ‘ getting old.’ I believe that growing pains are not only for toddlers and teens […]

Activities for people living with dementia that are meaningful

Activities are a lifesaver for both care receiver and caregiver. An individual’s life history informs the design of activities programs that will engage your loved one. I visit an 87 year old woman living with dementia. I’ve known her for about two years. We have spent many hours sharing our life stories with each other. […]

Save money and time. Hire a Care Manager.

              Save money and time – two goals toward a more balanced life. It truly takes a village to help aging families navigate the 21st century complex healthcare and social support systems in the United States. Think of our Professional Aging Life Care Managers™ as your personal project managers. […]