Activities for people living with dementia that are meaningful

tulips in a vase

Activities are a lifesaver for both care receiver and caregiver. An individual’s life history informs the design of activities programs that will engage your loved one. I visit an 87 year old woman living with dementia. I’ve known her for about two years. We have spent many hours sharing our life stories with each other. I know that she loves flowers. Yesterday, to welcome her back home after a hospitalization and to celebrate springtime in North Carolina, I brought her two bunches of cut tulips (her favorite) and a vase. I asked her in-home aide to cut the stems and then engage her to arrange the flowers in the vase. Simple task, yes. Positive stimulation appealing to her senses of touch, smell and sight, yes. Activities that¬†bring moments of joy, priceless.

Activities help define purpose in every day life.

This video, one of many insightful presentations by dementia expert Teepa Snow, explains why all human beings need to be needed. A straightforward, easy to relate to, 5 minute clip, will give you a different perspective on why your loved one living with dementia needs more than food and sleep.