Monthly Archives: April 2016

Teepa Snow: driving and dementia

Teepa Snow is a widely known dementia expert. She is an occupational therapist whose experience, training and passion for her Positive Approach to Care™ (PAC) benefits people living with dementia and their care partners/caregivers. Are you worried that a family member is no longer safe to drive? Preparing for a conversation with your loved one […]

Weighted blanket for better sleep

For many people living with dementia bedtime does not necessarily mean sleep-time. As dementia progresses insomnia and nighttime wandering may interfere with rest for care partner and caregiver. One possible solution that involves no medication is a weighted blanket. Use of a weighted blanket, custom-sized for an individual’s height and weight, is described as feeling like […]

Late-stage dementia and the 5 senses

  Late-stage dementia robs people of their active roles in life. However, appealing to the 5 senses through reminiscence therapy is a way to reach beyond the disease and touch that person. You may not always see that person’s reaction, or perhaps you do, but it is for a brief moment. In that moment you […]