Teepa Snow: driving and dementia

Teepa Snow is a widely known dementia expert. She is an occupational therapist whose experience, training and passion for her Positive Approach to Care™ (PAC) benefits people living with dementia and their care partners/caregivers.

Are you worried that a family member is no longer safe to drive? Preparing for a conversation with your loved one about your concern for his or her safety and the safety of others should take some thoughtful time on your part. Timing is everything so think carefully about place, time of day and participants in the conversation. No one, including older adults, likes to relinquish control without a say in the matter at hand.

Teepa Snow’s point in this video clip is that delivering a hard message can be delivered with kindness and a constructive tone. Try not to set up an argument between you and your loved one. State your concerns and offer possible solutions and alternatives. Do your homework in advance of a conversation if possible. Look for transportation options in your loved one’s local community and offer to help access cab voucher programs, handicapped shuttles, volunteers, etc.