Monthly Archives: July 2016

Visiting memory care residents

Visiting Mom or Dad in assisted living or a memory care can be hard. Perhaps you take a treat to share – a favorite dessert or snack food. Maybe you bring a little present. Or maybe you don’t know what to bring, or if a gift is even allowed. You wonder if you will be recognized […]

Moving to be closer to family

Moving yourself or an aging loved one to a new home to be closer to family? This is a major life change. It may be an exciting adventure or a time of sadness. For most it is a time of mixed emotions. Living close to loved ones offers so many benefits. The transition from one home to another […]

Dehydration danger signals

Dehydration is a concern for everyone, especially older adults, during the dog days of summer.  Symptoms of dehydration include: less frequent urination dark-colored urine constipation dry mouth headache confusion sleepiness lethargy low blood pressure rapid pulse skin that stays folded when pinched (skin tenting) Seniors are at higher risk for becoming dehydrated for several reasons: the body’s […]

Aging Life Care Professionals

Aging Life Care Professionals’™ services and knowledge are wide-ranging. It can be hard to explain to families in crisis all the ways we can support them. We try by sharing examples of current and past clients that we have helped. We explain that we offer a list of services ranging from a one-time comprehensive geriatric assessment (summarized in a […]