Aging Life Care Professionals

Aging Life Care Professionals’™ services and knowledge are wide-ranging. It can be hard to explain to families in crisis all the ways we can support them. We try by sharing examples of current and past clients that we have helped. We explain that we offer a list of services ranging from a one-time comprehensive geriatric assessment (summarized in a report with recommendations) to helping a loved one safely transition from hospital to home, long-term weekly or monthly check-ins, medical appointment assistance and patient advocacy, and more.

Another way to describe our services is through the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA, our national professional association) Infographic that reflects our Care Managers’ 8 knowledge areas.

Aging LIfe Care Professionals Infographic





Here is another “out of the box” way to describe “a day in the life” of an Aging Life Care Professional. We meet our clients where they are, literally and figuratively. To be successful in providing the best solution for an aging loved one we need to know what in life is meaningful to that person. That is one reason Preferred Living Solutions offers a free initial consultation. It is important to us to listen to each aging family’s story, family history and circumstances so that we can customize the best solution for them.


  1. Listening: Etta James’ “At Last” and Johnny Mathis’s “Don’t Take My Love Away”
  2. Eating: GERD diet to calm down acid reflux and a hiatal hernia
  3. Drinking: cranberry juice to keep a healthy bladder
  4. Wearing: hot, heavy support stockings (why isn’t there a more comfortable option?)
  5. Feeling: happy after evening check-in call with an elderly friend
  6. Weather: thunderstorms that frighten elders that live alone
  7. Wanting: a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias
  8. Needing: better, more economical community transportation systems for seniors
  9. Thinking: how quickly an aging adult’s world can shrink because of illness or disability
  10. Enjoying: IPad app to share with seniors: Lively Silver