Moving to be closer to family

moving boxesMoving yourself or an aging loved one to a new home to be closer to family? This is a major life change. It may be an exciting adventure or a time of sadness. For most it is a time of mixed emotions.

Living close to loved ones offers so many benefits. The transition from one home to another and the re-settling process generally stir up some feelings of loss as well. Leaving one’s church, saying goodbye to neighbors and friends, losing a trusted pastor, doctor, dentist, hair stylist, etc., and stepping forward to establish new routines and rhythms are hard. “It takes time” is a mantra. There are emotional highs and lows while navigating unfamiliar places and faces. It may take up to a year to completely settle into a new home and a new normal.

Resources for aging families and seniors in transition are plentiful. Certified Aging Life Care Professionals™/Geriatric Care Managers, Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists, Senior Movers, Senior Real Estate Specialists, Professional Organizers are a few of the professions that specialize in supporting and assisting aging families. These professionals can help you save money and time. What stays? What goes? Downsizing (“right-sizing”) is less painful with an organizer or transition specialist by your side to help with decision-making and recycling. is full of helpful guidance for pre-move planning, move day, and post-move (even pets need help transitioning to their new home).

Your dad is relocating from Florida to North Carolina to be closer to family? You are being transferred to another state and Grandma is moving with you? Preferred Living Solutions’ care managers are experts at managing an aging loved one’s move. Call us for a free initial consultation. We will create a customized plan that addresses your preferences. We coordinate with our network of experienced, trusted and affordable move specialists to ease the stress and overwhelm.