Daughters as family caregivers need help sometimes

Daughters are awesome family caregivers. Daughters are skilled at multi-tasking and juggling many balls at once. Even super-daughters need help sometimes to help with difficult plans and decisions for aging parents.

As a certified geriatric care manager I partner with an amazing daughter. She has always worked hard to make informed decisions about her parents care and well-being. With care managers on her team, she knows that her mom and dad have additional advocates helping to watch over their living environment, their daily personal care, their nutrition, their medical care and that they are treated with respect and dignity. When emergencies happen and her parents are separated (medical appointments, EMS calls/transport, hospitalizations) or if she is sick, I step to the plate. I stay up to date on Mom’s and Dad’s daughters medication changes, medical conditions, siblings’ contact information, and copies of essential documents in hand, there to help with the overwhelm.