Household monthly bills

household monthly billsWhen did managing the household monthly bills become so burdensome to my mom? For 50+ years Mom ran the household, an early version of “Momager”.

Recently though, as the macular degeneration continues to weaken Mom’s vision, her daily chores take longer and her patience is short. When I visit I see the mail stacked up on the kitchen table, some of it still unopened. She fusses that the cable bill increased again but brushes me off when I ask to see a statement. She worries about the cost of her most recent hospitalization and complains that her insurance EOBs do not match up with the most recent medical bills.

I wish I could visit more than a few times each year. I wish that she would let me manage her accounts for her online. I sometimes think about re-routing her mail to my mailing address but realize that I don’t have that authority.

I think that Mom is willing to accept help to review, pay and file household monthly bills and to represent her on telephone calls with her insurance company and her healthcare providers. She wants someone that is a professional, is certified, and can provide references from past/present clients. Mom is on a fixed income but I would gladly help cover the costs. Aging life care professionals range in price from $75-$100/hour. Mom’s needs easily could be managed in about an hour/month.

I would welcome someone to help manage Mom’s monthly household bills. This person would be a blessing to me. Mom and I wouldn’t have the tense conversations that disrupt our visits now. I would worry less that bills are going unpaid or that she may fall victim to a financial scam. Mom and I would have mother-daughter time again.

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