Same day medical procedures

same day medical proceduresSame day medical procedures that require support from a care partner or a friend can be a challenge to organize and schedule.

Have you or your loved ones been postponing a same day medical procedure (cataracts, endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc.) because you need someone to accompany you, wait for you throughout the procedure (required by physician) and drive you home after your procedure?

Our professional, experienced care managers offer personalized services for same day medical procedures including:

Assistance with pre & post op instructions to promote a successful recovery

Accompany patient to pre op appointment

Pick up and deliver pre op medications and supplies

Reminders and/or assistance with pre-op instructions

Transport patient to procedure

Remain on premises during procedure

Receive discharge and follow-up instructions on behalf of patient

Transport patient home

Confirm that patient is able to safely manage activities of daily living

Follow-up call the day after procedure