Stroke warning signs: live prepared

stroke warning signsStroke warning signs, can you quickly and easily name them? The National Stroke Association suggests using the term FAST to help you recognize common stroke warning signs.

F for face

A for arms

S for speech difficulty

T for time

It is critically important to call 911 so that you can get to a hospital and life-saving treatment as quickly as possible.  Remember: you don’t have to exhibit all the symptoms or warning signs to be having a stroke.

To help the emergency medical service (EMS) workers help you, always have a current list of your medications and dosing instructions, a list of known allergies, emergency contact name and telephone number posted on your refrigerator or in a Vial of Life in your refrigerator. Make a habit of regularly checking your medications list for recent changes.

Talk with your family, friends and neighbors about your health. Have a “grab and go” bag that contains copies of your insurance cards, photo ID, emergency contact information, and essential legal documents such as a living will, 5 wishes document, power of attorney documents.