Five tips for a senior-friendly age in place home

Where do you start to create an age in place home? The idea of remodeling your home to be senior-friendly and ready for aging in place can be overwhelming. What are the costs? Where to start? Are there DIY updates you can do without a contractor?

  • Front door: add railings to stairs leading to outside doors
  • Bathroom:
    • Inexpensive fix: install hand-held shower head and grab bars
    • More expensive fix: remodel your shower so that it is roll-in with a trench drain
  • Bedroom: place commonly used items on lower shelves within easy reach
  • Stairs and hallways: add low glare overhead lighting and track lighting along hallway floors
  • Kitchen: add pull-out shelving in lower cabinets and pull-down shelving in upper cabinets

If you are unsure about which updates to prioritize, always think safety first. 


age in place shower