Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Are you looking for holiday gift ideas for the seniors in your life?

So what are you getting for your Mom this Christmas? What are you getting for your Dad?
“They already have everything they need”, you say. “They are actually thinking of moving so
that they can down size, I don’t want to add to their burden.” “At their age, do they really
expect to or appreciate gifts?”

One of the traps that we all fall into with regard to our parents, as we as older people in
general, is that we put them in this place in our minds that is less than what they are. For some
reason, we seem to dehumanize them and think that they don’t have the same thoughts,
feelings and needs as we do. Well here is a little reminder, they do. Though our parents may tell
us that they “are fine” and “have everything they need” they still desire to be recognized and
loved. That old saying rings extra true when we discuss gifts with regard to our parents….”It’s
not the gift itself, but the thought that counts”.

Here are a few things and ideas that could prove a lovely way to show our parents that we do
still recognize and love them.

NIX Advance Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame

Price: $67.99

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There’s not much that can top a collection of family photos as a gift for someone you
love, but if that someone is older, has downsized or is perhaps in assisted living, they

often don’t have a place for framed wall photos or photo albums. That’s why this super
cool high-res digital photo frame is one of the top gifts you can buy for seniors this year.
With plug and play simplicity, you can load up a SD/SDHC card or USB, that they can
simply plug into this frame, and voila, they’ll have your latest slide show, whenever you
want to send it to them. This frame can also play 720p videos, so if you’re sending
grandma and grandpa the kids’ latest soccer game, it’s cool.

This frame comes in lots of larger sizes, with screens up to 17.3 inches, but naturally,
the price goes up with the size.

Joy For All Companion Pets
Price: $92.88

This really special gift would be perfect for folks who live alone and simply don’t have
frequent visitors or active social life. It’s also lovely for anyone who loves animals but
needs a pet that doesn’t eat much and never leaves a mess.  Get the companion kitty in
three different colors, or for the senior who loves dogs, there’s also a robotic companion
yellow lab pup that’s absolutely adorable.

Hamilton CapTel Captioned Telephone
Price: $75.00

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Have you noticed how your parents or other elderly folks tend to talk on their speaker
phone because of hearing difficulties? According to the experts at Healthy Hearing,
captioning telephones can really assist seniors to more fully understand phone calls,
especially those important calls from doctors and others where clear comprehension is
Programmable for both English and Spanish speakers, this clever device features and
easy to read screen, and it’s even compatible with Bluetooth headsets if need be. The
large touchscreen display can be easily adjusted to make font sizes readable, and the
answering machine can utilize either a customized message or the prerecorded one
that comes with the phone. To be clear, this device only works to caption calls within the
United States.

Flipper Big Button Remote
Price: $34.95

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Have you ever noticed how hard it is for seniors to manage their remote controls? That
happens for lots of reasons, especially because remotes have notoriously tiny buttons,
too many buttons and they’re all black, making discernment super difficult. This big
button remote is easy to operate and works for up to two separate devices. With large
color tactile buttons, you can set it up to deliver the content they most watch and they’ll
be so much less frustrated and confused. Less stress is a truly wonderful gift to give
someone you care about.

Able Life Able Tray Table
Price: $159.00

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Often seniors would rather eat a meal in their favorite chair rather than sitting at the
dining table. Especially if they live alone, the TV is their faithful companion. This
bamboo tray table is the perfect accent to a couch or chair. The study stand keeps the
table steady, and it easily swivels out of the way so as not to impede them from
standing up.
When it’s not mealtime, this portable table provides a great surface for playing cards,
keeping their water bottle handy, or to set a cup of coffee or tea. The built-in cup holder
means less chance of spills, and the additional plastic trinket tray provides room for
pens and pencils and anything else they want to keep close at hand.
Another great gift idea to help them get up and down from couches and chairs is this
Portable Couch Standing Aid.

Some of these gift ideas came from the article
101 Best Gifts for Seniors: The Ultimate List. By Jeanna Hofmeister