Mother’s Day Activities

Mother’s Day celebrations this year may be much different for many families than past years.

How can we honor and remember our mothers, grandmothers and the other special women in our lives during COVID-19?

We’ll need to look for ways to be creative and loving while practicing social distancing to keep our aging loved ones safe. Here are 10 activities that may spark joy for those whom you love and cherish this Mother’s Day.

  1. Read a book together! You have time to go online to your favorite bookstore and select a best-seller or favorite author. Order one copy to be sent to your special lady and order another copy to be delivered to you. Plan your own bookclub for two with scheduled phone or FaceTime chats.
  2. Prepare (or order from a favorite restaurant) and deliver (front porch drop-off) a special Mother’s Day lunch or dinner.
  3. Reminisce about a favorite homemade dessert from childhood (yours or hers!) and find the recipe online or in a family cookbook.  Location-permitting, bake and deliver (front porch drop-off) to your loved one.
  4. Think about your loved one’s hobbies – flower gardening, knitting, puzzles, old movies – and order online a few gift items that she can use to pass time at home (a new jigsaw puzzle or puzzle book, kitchen counter herb garden, some colorful yarn and a new scarf pattern, etc.).
  5. If your loved one is computer-savvy, send her links to several virtual zoo, park and museum tours, and pick one or two to tour and discover “together”.
  6. Select and “do” a crossword or other type of puzzle game together by telephone or FaceTime.
  7. Plan and schedule a virtual family or friends get-together: telephone conference call for low-tech folks or Zoom for more computer-savvy people.
  8. Make a special card or write a loving letter to mail with your Happy Mother’s Day greeting.
  9. Send a bouquet or basket of her favorite flowers, fruit or fresh veggies.
  10. If your loved one is living in a retirement community or nursing home and visiting is not permitted, contact the community’s activities director and ask for help to facilitate a FaceTime or Google Duo video chat. If you are local, ask about a “through a window” visit.