Staying connected with loved ones during COVID-19 through technology

Do you want to talk to your loved-one face to face on a regular basis and feel frustrated that you can’t?  Would you like to be able to participate when the doctor sees your loved one, or talk to the staff when they are in your loved-one’s room?  Luckily, there are now some very simple solutions that can help ease your mind and be in touch with your loved one very simply and cheaply.

The advantages of having such a device are innumerable. The only requirement is the ability to have WiFi access in your loved one’s room or home.

Here are a few options to select from:

  1. Amazon’s Echo Show – Amazon’s Echo Show is an Echo device with a screen. If you are a little tech-savvy, it is a very simple and effective way to communicate with your loved one and anyone who is in the room with them.  It can be used for video calling through the Alexa app that you can download to a smartphone or a tablet.  It is totally voice-activated and can be set up so specific callers can appear on the screen and the recipient does not need to do anything to receive the call. Rather, the caller just appears on the screen after an audible alert.  If you already have a smart phone to sync with the Echo Show, the only cost is to purchase the device.  You can usually find used ones to purchase online if you want to save money.  If you are not tech-savvy, see #2 below.
  • SoundMind –  For those who are not tech-savvy and want an Echo Show, a perfect solution is to use a 3rd party company called SoundMind.  For $19.99/month they will give you a device at no additional cost and configure the device for you, including giving you the capability to set up verbal reminders for medications or calendar events, and load games that are specifically targeted for people with dementia to keep their brains active.  This is all done through a portal where you also input the contacts information for the people who have permission to do video calling.  This price includes the cost of the device.  They require a 6-month which covers the cost of the device itself.  After 6 months there is no obligation to continue.
  • Viewclix – This is similar to the Echo Show, but the only capabilities are calling and uploading pictures, and it’s all controlled by an app on a connected device.  It cannot do calendar events, reminders, or play any games.  You only pay for the cost of the device, and there is not an ongoing fee.  Below is the pricing.
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