Why Choose Preferred Living Solutions?

Preferred Living Solutions is an Aging Life Care™/Geriatric care management company serving adult children and families who are caring for aging parents or others facing health issues. When daily living needs and routines change for you or a loved one, Preferred Living Solutions will be there for you to guide the process. Here are the services we offer to support you. 

  1. Advisors and mediators. Our professional Aging Life™/Geriatric Care Managers have training and expertise to facilitate challenging conversations during times of stress and worry. 
  2. Care planning. We conduct comprehensive assessments using tools that we have developed to create a customized care plan that is responsive to each individual’s unique circumstances. We know the questions to ask, the documents to complete, and the other important details of aging well.
  3. Care management. Our certified, professional Aging Life™/Geriatric Care Managers help adult children and others with aging loved ones to access and manage a range of services from health advocacy, finances, home and personal care to socialization.
  4. Crisis intervention and management. We help our clients navigate through emergency departments, hospitalizations, and rehab stays to offer reassurance and patient advocacy. 

Our goal is to help our clients have a smoother transition during this season of life. If you or a loved one is looking for a care manager you can trust, contact Preferred Living Solutions at 919-554-0675 and let us help you make a plan.