Tips For Keeping Seniors Safe During The Wintertime

As the weather gets colder, it’s important that your aging loved ones are well prepared during severe winter weather. Winter weather can impact the safety of your elderly loved ones. Here are some tips to help you get your aging loved ones ready for the colder weather. 

Before a Winter Storm:

– Sign up for local severe weather alerts 

– Refill any prescriptions 

– Buy extra food (especially non-perishable items, bottled water, and extra pet food) 

– Have a plan for an emergency evacuation 

– Make sure outside furnace vents are clear and carbon monoxide alarms work

Prepare for Power Outages: 

– Get a generator for any oxygen, bi-pap, c-pap, or any other machines and equipment

– Make sure you have automatic nightlights for around the house 

– Keep a working flashlight and batteries nearby 

– Keep your cell phones charging to avoid a dead battery 


– Keep areas around any heaters clear and decluttered 

– Use space heaters that turn off automatically 

– Steer clear of any frozen stairs, sidewalks, or driveways

Do you have an emergency weather plan in place for your aging loved ones? Contact Preferred Living Solutions at 919-554-0675 if you are looking for a care manager you can trust.