3 Ways an Aging Life Care Manager Supports Aging Adults and their Loved Ones

May is National Aging Life Care Professionals Month. While the profession of Care Management is not new, this field is emerging as a valuable resource to seniors and their families/friends. A Care Manager’s role is to say that she/he first listens to the client’s life story, preferences, and desires and then helps that person to create a plan. Frequently a medical diagnosis or crisis, a housing challenge, or financial concerns are reasons that a Care Manager’s expertise may be needed. Here are three ways that a Care Manager can support an aging adult. 

  1. When a person’s current living situation becomes a challenge, a Care Manager can assess what alternatives may be most acceptable to the aging adult and their loved ones. Is aging in place desired, and if so, are there home modifications that can be made to provide a safer, more secure environment? Has in-home care become too costly and is relocation to a retirement community (independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing) necessary? A Care Manager offers expertise and tools to facilitate a customized and successful outcome.
  2. When a person is being discharged from a hospital stay, a Care Manager can serve as a navigator that assures a safe and successful return home. The first few days following hospital discharge can be a confusing and scary time for the patient and their loved ones. Medications may have changed, information must be shared with the primary care provider, follow-up medical appointments must be attended to, and activities of daily living may be more challenging for a while. A Care Manager can serve as a primary point of contact and communication to assure continuity of services and care.
  3. When an aging adult’s family members live in another city or state (long-distance family caregivers), a Care Manager can serve as a local trusted, professional resource. Regular home or facility visits, participation at medical appointments, and facilitation of family meetings are a few of the ways that long-distance families can feel reassured. 

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Written by: Vivian McLaurin, Certified Care Manager at Preferred Living Solutions.