Summer Safety Tips For Your Aging Loved Ones

With the beautiful, yet hot, summer weather approaching, there are two priorities for keeping our elders safe. Avoiding the dangers of excessive heat and preventing falls. Here are some ways your elders can still safely enjoy their summer. 

  1. Keeping Cool During The Hot and Humid Days. Did you know heat exhaustion and heat stroke leading to death is much more common in seniors? You can easily prevent this by keeping your aging loved ones out of direct sunlight between 9 AM – 3 PM, exercising in air conditioning, and making sure they are staying well hydrated. 
  2. How To Treat Someone Who Is Overheated. People experiencing heat stroke or exhaustion will display weakness, dizziness, confusion, a fast pulse, heavy sweating, and even passing out. If your aging loved one is experiencing this you can move them to a cooler place, use a cool, damp cloth or a cool bath to lower their body temperature, and sip water. If they do pass out or symptoms get worse, make sure to call 911. 
  3. Prevent Falls Outside. Did you know that falls are one of the major reasons seniors go to the emergency room? During the extra hot days, it’s important that your elderly loved ones are not in the heat for too long to avoid falls due to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. If you and your aging loved ones plan to do any outdoor activities, make sure you are close enough to home and you pack all the supplies they may need. 

Do you have a plan in place for your aging loved one? If you are looking for a care manager that you can trust, contact Preferred Living Solutions at 919-554-0675 and let us help you make a plan and ease the way. 

Summer Safety for Seniors