5 Solutions To Keep An Aging Loved One At Home Continued. 

One way that Aging Life Professionals (also known as geriatric care managers) provide support to families is to develop care plans that incorporate customized solutions for their specific needs and wishes. Care solutions may include multiple team members, technology, community resources, and more. Even during a pandemic and competing priorities (work, children, financial constraints), it is possible to provide quality care for an aging loved one at home. Here are two more continued suggestions from last month’s blog that support “aging in place” in a home setting.

4. Technology: For family members who are working from home while caring for elders, an array of assistive technology solutions is available. Alexa can be programmed to provide medication reminders, read a book aloud, play music, etc. Passive monitoring systems provide alerts when doors are opened, the stove is turned on when toilets are flushed, etc. Bed and chair alarms alert when there is a change in position. Pendants and watches monitor for falls. Video monitors provide reassurance that loved ones are following their usual daily routines.

5. Volunteer Caregivers: Sometimes family members can provide full-time care for their loved ones and are looking only to fill sporadic care needs (for running errands, medical appointments, and respite time). Communities typically offer volunteer “friendly visitors” through churches, non-profit organizations, and civic clubs. While volunteers usually are not allowed to provide hands-on care, they offer care partner breaks and socialization. Volunteers are available on a scheduled basis, usually for an hour or two. 

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Written by: Vivian McLaurin, Certified Care Manager at Preferred Living Solutions.