Planning For Natural Disasters: Tips For Aging Loved Ones 

With thunderstorms and hurricanes happening more this season, having a plan for natural disasters for your aging loved ones is extremely important. The hurricane season is still in full swing, so it’s important that you create a disaster plan so that you can prepare your elderly loved ones for evacuating successfully. 

It is extremely important to have a disaster plan for any natural disaster, and this helps to ensure a safer evacuation in case of an emergency. When creating a plan for your aging loved ones, make sure to include all of their important documents and insurance cards, medications, first aid items, water, food, and money. You want to make sure that you keep this updated at least every 6 months and share the plan with anyone else who may be responsible for your loved one’s care. 

Unfortunately with natural disasters, you need to have a plan for if you need to evacuate your loved one from their home. After evacuation, you’ll have to find a place your aging loved ones can stay as well as a place where they can receive medical care. Do some research on temporary housing options like hotels, assisted living, or friends and family nearby that might be able to assist. If your aging loved ones have pets, don’t forget to check out some animal boarding ahead of time and create a boarding plan for the pets. Make sure you sign up for local weather alerts as another way to stay prepared. Staying ahead of any possible natural disaster situation can help you plan better.  

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