Four Things You Can Do To Prevent Falls For Your Aging Loved Ones

Did you know that according to the National Council on Aging, 1 in 4 Americans over the age of 65 falls every year? Here are four different ways you can help your aging loved ones avoid falling. 

  1. Check Your Rugs and Mats. Rugs and mats can slip and move around easily if they are not properly held down. Start by checking the front door mats, rugs, and bathroom or laundry mats. If you move them with your foot and they begin to move, it’s time to start considering non-skid mats to help prevent your aging loved ones from risking a fall. 
  2. Organize and Remove Clutter. It can be frustrating when we trip over clutter that hasn’t been cleaned, but it can be harmful to your aging loved ones if they trip in the same way. A great way you can prevent falls is by clearing up any clutter on the floors to prevent anyone from tripping and falling. Make sure to also put up any loose cords or shoes that could also be a tripping hazard. 
  3. Make Your Stairs Safer. It’s important that your stairs are safe for your aging loved ones. The stairs are one of the most common areas to fall into your home. Make your stairs safer by making sure there is a sturdy handrail to grasp. Another solution is to invest in a chair lift for your home or even consider moving to a home with no stairs. 
  4. Proper Lighting. The lighting in the homes of your elderly loved ones is extremely important. Start by checking all of the walking paths like hallways and entrances within the house to make sure they are all properly illuminated. You can also add nightlights around your house like in the bathrooms and the kitchen. 

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