Do the (Senior) Talk: Bringing Up Senior Living Solutions as an Option to your Parents

Living options for aging adults is not an easy topic to introduce. Telling a loved one about the need for even starting to research one’s next living options can be a frustrating and hurtful situation if not handled appropriately. There are some aspects of this discussion you need to prepare for and things that you […]

How Being Happy Helps You Live Longer

Being happy can only positively affect your health and there are many studies to confirm the relation between happiness and health. Although their relation is reciprocal and interactive; the one equally affecting the other, a new study confirms how happiness directly impacts one’s longevity. So get happy, you’ll live longer. Or so they say.

The Fight Against Cognitive Decline: Exercising Mind and Body

We did it. According to the latest Census figures Americans are more than ever closer to reaching 90 years of age. We’ve managed to extend our lifespan to previously unimaginable numbers. But the question can’t but come to mind. At what cost? We live longer, but are we happier? What of our health, physical and […]

Find an Assisted Living Provider That Matches Your Parent’s Lifestyle

Having to place your mother or father in an assisted-living facility can be an extremely tough decision to have to make.  You love your parents and you want to make certain that they are being well taken care of. Care providers are of many varieties; luckily, there are a few simple ways to identify that […]

Advances in Assisted Living Comfort

When one thinks of the term ‘nursing home’, a negative impression can come to mind. With the advancement of health and safety regulations, this should no longer be a concern. Many changes and requirements have improved the quality of life in assisted living facilities. Communities are making strides to improve the atmosphere and quality of life for […]