Find an Assisted Living Provider That Matches Your Parent’s Lifestyle

Having to place your mother or father in an assisted-living facility can be an extremely tough decision to have to make.  You love your parents and you want to make certain that they are being well taken care of. Care providers are of many varieties; luckily, there are a few simple ways to identify that […]

Advances in Assisted Living Comfort

When one thinks of the term ‘nursing home’, a negative impression can come to mind. With the advancement of health and safety regulations, this should no longer be a concern. Many changes and requirements have improved the quality of life in assisted living facilities. Communities are making strides to improve the atmosphere and quality of life for […]

Solutions for Your Health, Safety, Social Needs, and Well-Being

Preferred Living Solutions is a service for seniors and the disabled when they need patient advocacy; in finding a Raleigh assisted living program that provides personal care in their homes as well as finding someone to prepare meals, do housekeeping, do lawn care, and home repairs; helping them apply for insurance and social programs; helping […]

Take the Hassle Out of Finding Home Care

As care managers, we research and build relationships with home care companies. If you or a loved one is recovering from surgery or need long term care for a chronic illness, home care services are a good resource. Services range from skilled care provided by nurses to household support such as cleaning, cooking and running errands. Knowing […]

Summer Activity Suggestions for Seniors

Summer activities are fun for children and older adults too. Whether seniors are living independently or living with assistance, having fun should be on the agenda. Independent seniors may enjoy church activities, eating meals with others, or maintaining any interest they have pursued their entire lives. Others around them need to encourage them to stay […]

Drop Dead Book-Press Release

Drop Dead Book Helps Organize Important Documents in One Easy-to-Access Location (Press release copy from June 12, 2012) – A new book created by the owner of a Wake Forest care management company helps people organize their most important documents and personal information in a single location that can be quickly and easily accessed. The Drop […]

Helping Our Clients

Mrs. Y was overwhelmed with paperwork. She attended doctor’s appointments alone and often could not recall everything that she and her doctor discussed. She wished she had a knowledgeable person to to partner with her. Preferred Living Solutions joined Mrs. Y’s team and now paperwork, mail, bills, etc. have been organized into a system that works for “Y”. […]