What is a Professional Care Manager?

A professional care manager (PCM) is a health and human services expert who can identify, coordinate and manage resources and services. Our goal is to help each client find purpose and a meaningful lifegiven his or her personal circumstances.

How do I know if I need a professional care manager (PCM)?

You or your loved one will benefit from working with a PCM if you:

  • Are concerned about being able to remain in the home of your choice because of health or safety issues
  • Need assistance identifying and/or managing available services, resources and support
  • Find the healthcare and social service delivery systems difficult to access and navigate because they are confusing and fragmented
  • Feel emotionally drained or overwhelmed because of issues related to health changes, losses or difficulty with activities of daily living
  • Have limited or no family support
  • Are not pleased with current care and desire advocacy
  • Experience strained relationships with your family members due to care-giving responsibilities, competing priorities and differences of opinion.
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Who benefits from Preferred Living Solutions services?

Preferred Living Solutions primarily serves people with disabilities, seniors and their families. However, anyone having to navigate the complexities of confusing and fragmented care systems to receive necessary services may benefit from the assistance of a professional care manager.

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How has Preferred Living Solutions grown as a reliable, quality resource for seniors and those living with disabilities?

Our agency began by serving seniors and their families. We expanded our services in July 2009 to include people with disabilities due to the number of requests we received from people who were not satisfied with the services they were getting from traditional, government funded programs. We realized that our experience, philosophy and service model serves both groups well: promoting choice and equal access.

How is Preferred Living Solutions equipped to handle individual needs or emergency situations for their clients?

Preferred Living Solutions has extensive knowledge of community resources, service systems and benefits options. Additionally, we have established relationships and experience with a large number of providers and vendors who have a proven track record for exemplary service. Having this network available will often make putting resources in place for a client faster and easier than if the client or their family were doing it on their own.

Being prepared for expected life transitions and/or daily needs can prevent unnecessary stress, emergency situations and extraneous costs. Preferred Living Solutions works with clients to anticipate needs and put plans in place to prepare for any crisis before it occurs.

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What is the difference between a companion/personal care and care management?

Companion or personal care provides hands-on assistance with tasks such as bathing, light housekeeping and errands. A care management company is the experienced guide that identifies, arranges and manages community resources and services needed by an individual and his or her family.

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How do clients pay for the services of a professional care manager (PCM)?

Most services provided by professional care managers, such as those offered by Preferred Living Solutions, are private pay. Some long-term care and disability insurance policies and employee assistance programs cover PCM services.

Can’t I access resources and coordinate services on my own for free? Why should someone pay for care management services like those provided by Preferred Living Solutions?

Professional care management services provided by Preferred Living Solutions can help families save money by making more cost-effective choices, taking advantage of local services and making the most of insurance and other financial resources. A care manager can also help clients avoid expensive duplication and save on other household expenses. For families who act as caregivers, care managers save time and travel expenses and help care providers avoid time away from work resulting in lost wages. However, the most significant benefit of working with a care manager is emotional peace of mind that a loved one is receiving the most appropriate level of quality care and assistance for his or her unique circumstances.

Preferred Living Solutions will answer any additional questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today to learn how you or your loved one can benefit from our professional care management services.