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Suicide Warning Signs in Aging Adults 

Preferred Living Suicide Warning Signs

Unfortunately, our aging loved ones are not always exempt from suicidal thoughts. According to the National Council on Aging, suicidal behavior is more common, especially if they are combatting loneliness. This month, we want to share the warning signs of suicide in aging adults so that you know when to take action.  Aging adults often […]

Don’t Wait For a Crisis: Create An Aging Plan Today

Preferred Living Solutions Aging Plan

Life can get busy very quickly, especially after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It’s easy to forget about creating an aging plan for your loved ones, especially if they are still healthy and active. Instead of waiting until a crisis happens, here are four things you can start incorporating into your plan.  […]

Planning For Natural Disasters: Tips For Aging Loved Ones 

Preferred Living Solutions Natural Disaster Plan

With thunderstorms and hurricanes happening more this season, having a plan for natural disasters for your aging loved ones is extremely important. The hurricane season is still in full swing, so it’s important that you create a disaster plan so that you can prepare your elderly loved ones for evacuating successfully.  It is extremely important […]

5 Solutions To Keep An Aging Loved One At Home Continued. 

Preferred Living Solutions Aging Plan

One way that Aging Life Professionals (also known as geriatric care managers) provide support to families is to develop care plans that incorporate customized solutions for their specific needs and wishes. Care solutions may include multiple team members, technology, community resources, and more. Even during a pandemic and competing priorities (work, children, financial constraints), it […]

5 Solutions To Keep An Aging Loved One At Home

Preferred Living Solutions Aging Plan

The caregiving landscape has changed dramatically since the pandemic started in 2020. As months went by, families of loved ones living in long-term residential communities made decisions to move their elders back home.  Fast forward two years to 2022, to an unprecedented caregiver shortage, caused in large part by the impact of the pandemic. The […]

Summer Safety Tips For Your Aging Loved Ones

Preferred Living Solutions Summer Safety

With the beautiful, yet hot, summer weather approaching, there are two priorities for keeping our elders safe. Avoiding the dangers of excessive heat and preventing falls. Here are some ways your elders can still safely enjoy their summer.  Keeping Cool During The Hot and Humid Days. Did you know heat exhaustion and heat stroke leading […]

3 Ways an Aging Life Care Manager Supports Aging Adults and their Loved Ones

Preferred Living Solutions Aging Plan

May is National Aging Life Care Professionals Month. While the profession of Care Management is not new, this field is emerging as a valuable resource to seniors and their families/friends. A Care Manager’s role is to say that she/he first listens to the client’s life story, preferences, and desires and then helps that person to […]