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    Preferred Living Solutions’ aging life care managers work closely with individuals and families to develop, implement and monitor personalized plans and solutions for health, home, transportation, and other life transitions.



Preferred Living Solutions is available to help you or your loved ones in a variety of situations. Our services are flexible because we realize each of our clients has personal, specific needs and circumstances that can only be met with unique solutions.

Below are some examples of how Preferred Living Solutions’ Care Management team has partnered with clients and their families to address dilemmas that you, too, may be facing. For more answers to your questions, see our FAQ page or contact us.

Scenario 1: Resolving over–billing issues

When Sarah, a senior, had a terrible accident, she was in a coma, hospitalized and then transferred to a rehabilitation hospital. Her husband, Richard, was overwhelmed with her care, so she was transferred to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) near her son. When the decision was made to transfer her back to a long–term facility near her husband, the family hired a Professional Care Manager to help with the arrangements.

Upon admission to the skilled nursing facility, the son had signed a private pay agreement to cover his mother’s expenses following her days funded by Medicare. Several months into her stay, her son was presented with a bill for $15,000. He asked our Professional Care Manager to review the bill, as he thought it was higher than it should have been. We discovered that the nursing facility had counted her rehabilitation hospital days as skilled nursing facility days. The Care Manager advised the son not to pay the bill because it was clearly an error; then she worked with the skilled nursing facility and Medicare to resolve the issue. This saved the family more than $4000.

Scenario 2: Assistance with guardianship and relocation

Nicole originally contacted Preferred Living Solutions to assist her in assuming guardianship of her mother, who resided in a state–operated long–term care facility in North Carolina. Since Nicole lived in Georgia, she thought it would be helpful to have someone working on her behalf in North Carolina. Preferred Living Solutions’ Care Manager was able to facilitate communication between all necessary parties, gather needed information and attend meetings on Nicole’s behalf. This ultimately led to the transition of guardianship to Nicole.

Nicole then contracted with Preferred Living Solutions to facilitate the relocation of her mother from North Carolina to Georgia so that the family could be geographically closer and more actively involved in her care. The Care Manager assembled information on Nicole’s mother’s current medical and psychiatric status, needs and treatment plan in order to identify the most appropriate facility to manage her mother’s complex needs. After careful research and planning provided by Preferred Living Solutions, Nicole’s mom successfully moved to a facility near her daughter.

Scenario 3: Arranging in–home and healthcare services

When Preferred Living Solutions received a call from Dorie, we could tell she was completely distressed by her mom’s situation. Until a recent hospitalization, Karen (Dorie’s mom) had not left her house in over a year. She lived by herself, was legally blind and used a motorized wheelchair because she had lost both of her legs due to diabetes. Concerned about her mom’s mental and physical health, Dorie asked Preferred Living Solutions to complete an assessment to determine if there were any services or support available that might improve Karen’s quality of life.

Immediately following the assessment, Preferred Living Solutions arranged several solutions for Karen. They found that Karen could only prepare foods using a microwave and was not receiving the nutrition she needed. Preferred Living Solutions set up in–home meal delivery services so that Karen could improve her eating habits and have a nutritional, home–cooked meal.

Through the assessment process, Preferred Living Solutions learned that Karen’s failing eyesight may have stemmed from cataracts rather than diabetes. The Care Manager scheduled an appointment with a reputable ophthalmologist who accepts Medicare, arranged for accessible transportation and accompanied Karen to the appointment. Believing she was blind for life, Karen was ecstatic to regain partial sight after receiving much–needed cataract surgeries on both eyes.

Dorie was thrilled with the services and says it changed Karen’s life significantly.

Scenario 4: Employment and leisure activities

Brad, a 39 year old male with Down Syndrome, needed a job! He was having a hard time finding and holding a job since 2005, and he did not have very much work experience. He indicated that he would prefer to work in a sports store or a restaurant. Brad is smart, determined and has a great sense of humor. Obviously these are great traits, but sometimes hard to sell if you don’t even get a chance to talk with potential employers.

Preferred Living Solutions and Brad reviewed several job opportunities and finally landed an interview. Brad began working in a sports restaurant and is already negotiating to increase his work hours

The next big goal on Brad’s agenda is to find some additional social outlets in his community and someone special he can hang out with. With knowledge of such a range of community resources, Preferred Living Solutions can help Brad meet this goal, too!

Preferred Living Solutions can help provide a wide variety of services that meet you or your loved one’s unique needs and goals. Contact us today to discuss how working with a Professional Care Manager can help you.

*Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of Preferred Living Solutions’ clients.