Life can get busy very quickly, especially after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. It’s easy to forget about creating an aging plan for your loved ones, especially if they are still healthy and active. Instead of waiting until a crisis happens, here are four things you can start incorporating into your plan. 

  1. A Medic Alert Pendant or Bracelet. Look for a system that has a fall alert built into its sensor. Unlike the commercials, there is no need to dial the phone, the sensor picks up on the fall and calls the designated numbers immediately.
  2. Maintain a Current List of All Medications. It’s important to know all of the current medication your aging loved ones are on and that you know where to always find this information. 
  3. Daily Check-In Call. Such calls allow for an adult child (or designated caller) to pick up on the slightest of changes in a parent’s cognitive status. Infections in older adults travel at lightning speed with altered mental status as one of the hallmarks that something is wrong. Urinary tract infections are notorious for causing this altered status.
  4. Living Prepared Workbook. We offer a Living Prepared Workbook to help you organize all of your important documents. There are sections for medical and financial information, legal documents, insurance policies, logins, and much more! Learn more on our website. 

Do you have a plan in place for your aging loved one? If you are looking for a care manager that you can trust, contact Preferred Living Solutions at 919-554-0675 and let us help you make a plan and ease the way!


Don’t Wait for a Crisis: Ways to Create an Aging Plan Now